What are you giving yourself this Holiday/Christmas Season




What are you giving yourself this Holiday/Christmas Season?

I am giving myself the gift of gratitude this Christmas Season. I think we can all sit and think about all the things that maybe did not go our way, or goals that have passed us by, accomplishments that never became a reality. So I challenge you today to flip the coin, change your eyes view of any situation and decide in your mind to have a grateful heart. Yes, the change occurs in your mind, once you change your mind, you change your vision of the situation and alter the energy in your life. When you do this you move from a negative mind to a positive mind, this is the most powerful way to force change in your life!


Sit for a few moments and write down all that has happened in your life the past year, all the positive things all the negative things. Once you are done, focus on the positive and elaborate on how all those positive things got accomplished. What was your role in making them happen? What was others’ role in making them happen? What did you gain from them? How has it changed you as a person or professional? How has your life changed? With the negative things realize, some of those things are not within your control. Put your “ego in park” and say, I did the best I could and I have only so much control. There may be some negative things you can change, look at those things and ask yourself, “can I make these things different, is it possible for them to be in the positive column in 2014?”


Congratulations! You have begun the journey of a grateful heart, you are beginning 2014 with a heart so filled with gratitude and peace. In 2014,write down your year’s journey, keep a journal with the positive and negative things. Focus on how you are able to make a difference to those negative things and know always we only have so much control! I believe God has a great plan for our lives and part of that plan is in the difficult times to let us know He walks us through those days, weeks and even years.

For me this past year has been a struggle. Michael was in the ICU for 17 days starting on Jan. 1st, I was diagnosed with breast cancer the 2nd time and my parents (age 82 and 86) started experiencing even more the effects old age and dementia. I had to stop and see the gratitude in all those situations. First, Michael’s situation was fixable and cured! My cancer was detected early and had not spread! My parents are healthy and I have them here with me into their old age. I have 4 siblings that share the responsibility of their care and we all have come together to keep my parents in their home with the same love and compassion they had shown us all through our childhood. So I had to stop and realize “there is always a rainbow at the end of the rain”, and God has given me the eyes to see and heart to feel it!

Be grateful for ALL you have experienced this past year. As my mother always said “this to shall pass” and it does pass and the rainbow does come!