Kale- The New Spinach

Kale the new Spinach

            Now that I am a 50 year old woman and in medical menopause I am even more vigilant about how food can help or harm me. Reading and researching foods has not become a casual past time but a necessity. As a result of my 2nd breast cancer diagnosis, I have  been advised I need to go on a drug, Arimidex, which cuts my chances of a reoccurrence of cancer to any part of my body from 15 % to 9%. I do not like 15% and not real psyched about 9, but that’s my only choice. One of the side effects of taking the drug is, bone loss and joint pain. So with all the changes my body is under going, I felt it was my responsibility to support and help minimize any of the side effects as best I could.


Food, I thought is in my control. I can control what I eat and what I buy. As the shopper and cook in the family it was easy. The more I read the more I was empowered. You can’t pick up any health magazine without the “organic topic” coming up in some way. I have been so grateful to Prevention Magazine and many others that have helped and guided me in my organic journey. I have found a local farm, Tendercrop Farm in Newbury that has all organic fruits, veggies, and meat. The food tastes so good I think to myself, “What was I tasting before”? The food has such rich deep flavor that you do not need to add much to the veggies, fruit and meat to have great flavor, which brings me to my newest power food choice….. kale.


Kale has become part of my daily food regiment and I reap such great benefits. It is rich in vitamin K, A and C as well as a great anti oxidant and anti inflammatory and detox.It came into my life at the same time the Nutra Bullet arrived at my doorstep. A marriage made in heaven. My newly found eating regiment was now complete. I start most of my days with a  nutra bullet drink and continue on with organic fresh foods. My favorite new drink I have perfected and it tastes great! It also makes you feel so energetic, you won’t believe it.



6 oz. water

1 cup Kale

8 fresh strawberries

1/3 cup blueberries

1 pear

1 tsp chia seeds*


*The package says1- 2 tbs is a serving and I tried that at first and had a lot of stomach pain. It was too much for me, so I suggest starting out with a smaller amount and seeing how your body reacts and then gradually add more.


So start today, find your favorite, fruit, veggie or meats and make great snacks, meals and reap the rewards your body will love! Pay attention to how you feel and remember that feeling when you go to reach for some processed food, your body  will love you for stopping and thinking about it first!