Guatemala with Soles4Souls


Today is our last day in Chiquimula and we are heading to a school in the mountains for another shoe distribution. We had to leave our van at the bottom of the road, as the road was to steep. We all jumped on the back of another all wheel truck and headed up the mountain. We ducked as tree branches hung low and almost wiped out or heads and sunglasses, hogs and boars crossing the dirt, pothole filled dirt road.. Boy I thought Boston had large potholes! They got nothing on this road! We finally made it to the school and were greeted by Sarita Carson the missionary that runs the school.


The school reminded me of my Grammar School back in the 70’s, the only difference was they had no doors or window. The classrooms had chalkboards, desks with chairs attached, calendars, alphabets and numbers covering the walls. The children were very appreciative and grateful for the new shoes. We had no time to play with the children, as we were notified the roads leading to Antigua our next stop were being closed shortly and we needed to leave right after the distribution. So we jumped back on our all wheel drive truck and made our way back down the mountain.


We did make it out of Chiquimula and began our 4 hour drive to Antigua. We arrived at our last and final shoe distribution at 3:00 a school, Nuestros Ahijados. We distributed about 200 pairs of shoes. The total number of shoes we distributed in 3 days was about 850 pairs! What a great team and great experience!

Our host and hostess Josh and Jessica Byrd were amazing. They left their comfortable home in Alabama and started, Building Believers in Christ Missionary. They are committed to help the people of Chiquimula learn Biblical principles and teach them skills to obtain better jobs and provide for their families. Check out their website:

Our last day in Antigua was to enjoy the great city, culture, tour of a jade factory and chocolate factory and shopping!!!!!

We went to the market and bought beautiful hand embroidered blankets, tapestry sneakers, pocketbooks, cigars, rosary beads and jewelry.

We all had a great 5-day journey and developed long lasting friendships.

Soles4Souls did a super job at making us feel comfortable and safe.

As Jordan , Kaitlin and I traveled home we felt very grateful and blessed to be able to help others, and make a difference, even in a small way, to so many children. We landed in Miami and saw the sign US Residents this way. Jordan said “so happy to live in the USA” we all agreed and ran toward the sign…….  A Great ending to a great trip