Chiquiamula – Guetamala

Our 1st day in Guatemala was very exciting. We are staying in Chiquiamula with Jess and Josh. They came here from Alabama and started as missionaries with an organization called Building Believers in Christ. They are a great couple that clearly demonstrates southern hospitality.


The 1st orphanage we went to was called Es Cuopis Hogar el quipu las which is run by Franciscan nuns. We put shoes on about 60 children and  nuns that were there. After giving out the shoes and playing with the kids the nuns treated us to crackers, juice and delicious mangos that they picked from their own tree. The children were very fun, appreciative and loved playing soccer. The older girls also performed a “dance routine” for us.


Next we went to a church and gave out about 75 pairs of shoes. We quickly realized when we opened our bags to give out pixie sticks, stickers, bracelets or small toy cars that the children get so excited and all of a sudden you have crowds of children around you. They were very happy to get something, but most of all they wanted to be held or hold your hand.


Our last visit was an orphanage that was the most difficult to get to. It was at the top of a huge mountain and most of the roads to get to it were either blocked, had deep ditches or were to narrow for us to get up. We prevailed and found a way up. There we handed out about 60 pairs of shoes, toys, stickers and soccer balls.


Our last stop was to eat dinner! We had chicken, beef or pork tortillas and they were very good. We were all hot, hungry and appreciative of a delicious meal. We ended the night with ice cream and milk shakes then headed home to have a wonderful outdoor shower under the serene sky of Guatemala.


We will be traveling to Antigua tomorrow and 2 more shoe distributions.