The Face Of A Miracle

A Mother, a Son, and the Journey of Life and Faith That Lies in All of Us

Jodi Sampson

Jodi Sampson was a typical girl growing up in a small community by the ocean. She had dreams of falling in love and starting a family. Life was going to be all her marriages vows promised, richness, good health, good times and none of the opposite. As Jodi grew up life began to take turns that she had not planned on or even expected.


After reading the Face Of A Miracle, you will be inspired by Jodi's faith and determination, beyond what you could ever imagine.


The Face Of A Miracle by Jodi Sampson is a heartwarming book on cancer survival through faith, nutrition, exercise and medicine. This inspirational story is a must for anyone facing health issues or disease, whether it is their own challenge or that of a family member or friend. An easy to read, well written book that tugs at the heart.


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